Bible Colleges are post-graduate institutes that equip students for Church ministry with theological education and practical ministry training. The goal of Bible colleges is to assist young adults in deepening their familiarity with their creator, fortify their Catholic faith, and enjoy spiritual unity with peers.

There exist various forums that are in use in the pursuit of realizing these objectives. They include camps, rallies, and retreats. Thus, young people tend to relish a personal relationship with God as well as becoming more involved with activities that pertain to the involvement of a Christian life with the Church.

The Term Theology

Theology can be termed as the study of God. It is also viewed as the world’s oldest discipline since man has been studying religion from the beginning of time. It is a modern degree of choice not only for people who aspire to become spiritual leaders, but also for those interested in studying religion as a hobby.

One can gain a real holistic learning experience in the study of Theology, for it integrates an interdisciplinary form, which includes classes in psychology, sociology, public speaking, and education.

There exists a misconception that a theology degree is not marketable. This is not true. A degree in this field can steer one to a rewarding and fulfilling career path. For instance, if you are a gifted orator and you have the love for public speaking, and then undoubtedly becoming a religious leader is indeed your calling. The experience garnered in the pursuit of your degree will enable you to deliver an oration that will leave a long lasting in your audience. You may at times find yourself being called in to continue the cycle of delivery of inspirational talks.

In addition, there are faith-based jobs that are completely recession proof. An obvious merit in these jobs is that they do not depend on the state of the economy. These jobs exist in institutions and organizations such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools and homes for the elderly. You can work in these places as a spiritual counselor. Another advantage in this line of work is that you can pursue graduate studies and obtain a tutoring position at any prominent university.

How To Become An Ordained Minister

Before deciding on a whether you want to be a minister, you should carefully examine what does being an ordained minister mean. One of the most significant duties of an ordained minister is the permission by law to preside over religious marriages. Many countries such as the United States have enacted legislation that for a couple to be married; the wedding has to be conducted in the presence of a state official or an authorized church official. This is where the ordained minister plays his part. For one to become a minister, he or she must be truly passionate about being one since a pretty high standard of being prudent, respectable, hospitable and willing to teach is required.

The actual process of becoming a minister varies as some States require government certification in addition to the requirements of the church. Obtaining government certification merely entails attending seminary classes as the primary objective of your responsibilities. A fair assessment of your countries laws will put you a step ahead in your aspiration to become a minister.

Other important thing to consider is the type of religious organization that suits your needs. It can be a home for the elderly or a missionary school. The following step is to reach out to the group and tell them about your desire for affiliation and ultimately being ordained. You may undergo a series of interviews and tests that require explanation to the background of your motivation in becoming a minister. Here paperwork may be used and on rare occasion some fees may be charged. Once your application is successfully reviewed, an ordination date is set for you and you’re given the go-ahead to practice your calling.

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministries presents a good way for the church to nurture young lives in preparation for a future generation filled youth with Christian belief systems. Youth ministries are inspired by the desire to see emerging generations find identity in their faith. Youth ministry is a true ministry that is filled with teaching, counseling, leadership development, and most of the other challenges that are present in other types of ministries. Being in a youth ministry does not mean you don’t have fun. Many youth ministries build on the fun the same way many churches rely on entertainment and self-help. Just because a sense of responsibility is involved as part of the youth group ministry, do not jump to the conclusion there is no enjoyment of leisure.

Typical activities in most youth groups are evangelism, worship and prayer. These are vital in imparting the much needed spiritual growth within adult adolescents. Youth ministries require role models who are full of personal religious commitment and compassion for the prospects of the church and upbringing of its young adults. A person enrolled in such a ministry should have the desire to reach out to an individual of ages nineteen and younger. Moreover, he should be willing to serve long hours of lively fellowship as a motivator and mentor. It is quite clear this is a demanding path with gratifying outcomes.

How To Become A Youth Minister

Becoming a youth minister is not a tedious process. As youth volunteering in the church, experience garnered there may be a stepping stone in nurturing the youth leader in you since you will have learned skills in effectively dealing with fellow youth. There exist several degrees that could meet the requirements, for an individual to work in this field. Bachelor’s degrees that include degrees in ministry, religious studies, Bible studies and theology are enough to get you a position in this field. One can also obtain a youth ministry degree from any credited institution of higher learning. However, some denominations may require one to complete a seminary course, so it is important to check with the desired organization that you wish to join. Finishing the necessary coursework and completing volunteer work is a convenient approach to building upon one’s proficiencies related to this future career.

Prison Ministry

The study of Theology brings out the notion that society should not neglect those living under control conditions such as prisons. Even though these control conditions where as a result of the prisoner’s actions, Biblical Studies necessitates that society should not neglect them. Prison Ministry not only reaches out to the prisoners themselves, but the guards and prison staff too. They support their spiritual and religious needs by providing a sense of peace and harmony in often troubled souls.

What Prison Ministers do?

Prisoners often have spiritual needs that differ from normal people in a great extent. It is as a result of the crimes they may have committed and the fact that they reside in a heavily controlled environment. It is compounded by the fact that they live by the principle of survival of the fittest and no relationship with a fellow inmate is without terms and allegiance. The terms of living may wear down even the toughest of characters. An important role that prison ministers play is speaking with death row inmates and helping them come to terms with their predicament.

Why be a Prison Minister?

Sometimes one may have a feeling that makes you want to create a difference in a certain situation. Sudden sympathy toward inmates may necessitate this feeling. Another reason is having gone through the same experience previously. A prison minister must have the heart to work under inhumane conditions. If you are interested in becoming a prison minister and you are already ordained, you can speak to the prison warden or volunteer through various agencies to work within the jail.

Online Ministry Degrees

Online ministry degrees are an excellent alternative for those who do not want to sit in a classroom to fulfill academic requirements that a required for graduation. Here students sit in the comfort of their homes reading and taking exams online. An online ministry degree is one very help full option. Having earned a ministry degree, one is placed in an excellent position to become a minister or engage themselves in the faith-based study. Almost all avenues that offer online ministry degrees have already been accredited. It means students who complete one of these programs with plans to go into a faith-based career will be leveled equally with other students for those jobs.

These days many churches are in search of ministers and evangelists who have at least a bachelor’s degree if not a master’s degree in this field. One can benefit from programs affiliated with online ministry degrees such as tuition. The fees charged for these degrees are often less than that would have been charged in a university or college attended in person. Financial aid is usually made available as it is with any other type of post-secondary education inclusive of repayable loans.

Career opportunities are endless for individuals who have opted to earn a theological degree. It is with no doubt that the most viable position is within the adult ministry. Through the classes taken in programs for online ministry degrees, individuals can find their true calling by studying their faith and delving into theological ideas and theories. Decide what calling interests you most and find the best program to fit your career needs to get started.